Brushing for only 2 minutes can reduce plaque by 80%.

  • Dental health   •   June 2, 2019

How to avoid dental plaque build up

Bacterial plaque or oral biofilm accumulates and causes all kinds of complications in oral health: infections, tartar, stains… And, over time, the development of diseases such as caries and periodontitis. How to avoid the accumulation of dental plaque?

To begin with, what is dental plaque? It is a layer of bacteria and food debris that accumulates in the mouth. Dental plaque is made up of different microorganisms such as fungi or viruses, which may or may not be bacterial, which accumulate in the mouth and form dental plaque.

Cómo evitar la acumulación de placa dental

So how to avoid the accumulation of dental plaque?

The key is to maintain good daily hygiene. These are some of the keys to maintain a complete hygiene, which guarantees a healthy mouth and free of plaque.

Daily oral hygiene routine
A good daily cleaning routine is essential. It is therefore recommended to clean the mouth after each meal, or at least twice a day.

How to prevent tartar?
As in everything related to oral health, daily hygiene is key when it comes to preventing tartar on teeth. In order to prevent bacterial plaque from accumulating on the teeth, it is essential to use a proper toothbrushing technique, which is carried out correctly and with the necessary frequency, i.e. after meals.