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Ortodoncia Un tratamiento ortodóncico para mejorar tanto la estética clinica dental omega torremolinos

Specialities of our dental clinic of Ricardo Soriano in Marbella

Férulas de descarga También conocida como férula de estabilización o de desprogramación clinica dental omega torremolinos

At our Ricardo Soriano Clinic in Marbella. We specialise in dental implants which we offer for a very competitive price of 930 euros if it is a single piece. But we also do complete dental implants called all on 4 and all on 6 We use the best materials to keep your teeth like new forever.

Con el boom de la han surgido numerosas empresas como impress o Pero en realidad Cualquier Dentista puede ejercer esta práctica y los precios varían en función de los materiales que se utilizan. En la clínica dental Omega de Marbella utilizamos aparatos invisibles y logramos competir con los dos monstruos de esta técnica revolucionaria.

With the boom in invisible orthodontics, many companies such as impress or have emerged. But in reality any dentist can practice invisible braces and prices vary depending on the materials used. At Omega Dental Clinic in Marbella we

use invisible braces and we manage to compete with the two monsters of this revolutionary technique.
Dental veneers from our clinic in Ricardo Soriano are recognised throughout the city, we live in a city where appearances are everything and having a perfect smile is part of that lifestyle so dental veneers in Marbella are an ideal complement to show off a movie star smile.

Other Services at our Marbella Clinic

We have named the 3 specialities of our clinic, but we also offer a tooth whitening
service where a gel is applied to protect the gums and then the whitening gel is applied only to the teeth. This gel is complemented with a light that activates the properties of the whitening gel. At Ricardo Soriano Marbella, where our clinic is located, we have found that the whitening process takes approximately 45 minutes. That is why it is so important that our Marbella clinic is comfortable and that our
patients are happy to stay and leave with an even bigger smile.

We also offer the service of dentures which are more related to older people who have lost a lot of teeth. Solutions such as bridges, removable partial dentures or
ceramic crowns are some of the prostheses that we offer in our dental clinic in Marbella.

Our dental fillings are made with the best resin on the market. Our Marbella Dentists will treat the damaged tissue down to the healthy part and fill it with resin that mimics the colour of the tooth and becomes imperceptible to the human eye.

Why come to our Dental Clinic Marbella Ricardo Soriano

If all this has not yet convinced you, we want you to know that we treat our customers in a very close way. As we are not a large chain of dental clinics we allow ourselves the luxury of having an exhaustive follow-up of our clients and offer them a personalised service. If you are worried about your teeth or simply want to improve your smile, do not hesitate to come to our dental clinic in Marbella when you are walking around Ricardo Soriano, we will be happy to give you an appointment and you can become part of our family.