Dental Clinic Torremolinos


Our dental clinic in Torremolinos is designed in such a way that light enters from all four winds. The sun of our land is synonymous with health, so we seek to make the most of the natural light that gives us the Costa del Sol. With light tones from floor to
ceiling, you will feel the essence of the coast and will make you feel comfortable from the first moment. Our staff who spend their time here will confirm that spending time in our clinic is always a pleasure. This also reflects the friendliness of our dentists and staff. At the end of the day it’s all about smiling. And a smile is nothing more than a reflection of happiness. In Andalusia we are known for our happiness and for making others smile. Our clinic was not going to be an exception.

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Why come to our dental clinic in Torremolinos?

Our Torremolinos dental clinic is our pride and joy on the Costa del Sol. After several years, there are many patients who know us and can speak well of us. As we are an individual clinic and not a big chain such as Vitaldent, or clinics of insurance companies such as Adeslas, DKV and Sanitas, we have the luxury of being able to attend our clients personally. We have the luxury of being able to attend to our clients personally. This can be translated in several ways, the most important of
which is that you will find your trusted dentist whenever you return.
If you have had any work done in your mouth, what you need most is for the person who did it to be there to check the work. If something needs to be touched up, the same professional who attended you the first time is the right person to finish the treatment you have started. In our clinic in Torremolinos you will always find your dentist again and he or she will take care of everything from start to finish.

What treatments do we offer in our dental clinic in

We specialise dental implants, veneers and invisible orthodontics.

Our dental implants in Torremolinos are recognized, and is that using the best materials coupled with the hand of our dentists, gives to talk about. There are
countless positive reviews that we get from our patients both in applications such as Doctoralia, google, etc … We thank each of them for their time to value us.

Dental veneers we could say that they are like a layer that is put on the tooth to get a unique smile. Completely natural looking, you can benefit from an illuminating smile. You may be unhappy with the natural colour of your teeth and don’t want to subject your teeth to whitening. Then this is the ideal solution for you. Here we specialise in implanting dental veneers and providing our patients with their dream smile.

Finally, invisible orthodontics in Torremolinos has been in fashion for years. Many believe that the process is longer or less effective than traditional orthodontics. The reality is that it is just as effective, and without all the drawbacks of wearing braces.
If you’ve worn braces in the past, you’ll remember all the hard work you put in before you had the perfect smile you had when you took them off. Or if you simply didn’t want to wear them when you were young for aesthetic reasons. Today you have the invisible and imperceptible solution that will bring back your smile.

We have told you about our star treatments in Torremolinos. But like all the dentists you know, we carry out all types of fillings. We make sure that the damaged tissue disappears completely and we fill everything with the best resin on the market. Whether it is due to a cavity or any other incident. Don’t delay in coming to our clinic before the situation worsens. In a few minutes you will leave with a clear conscience that your teeth again. We also perform a perfect tooth whitening. We apply a gum protection and then a whitening gel on the teeth. This will take effect in combination with a special light.

Dental insurance in our clinic and financing

At our dental clinic in Torremolinos, whether with Adeslas or any other health insurance that includes dental cover, you can benefit from the discounts that you have previously agreed with them. Not forgetting that we offer the possibility of financing your teeth in easy instalments. In Torremolinos there is an Adeslas dental clinic, but it is not necessary to go there to benefit from all the benefits of your dental insurance. We have made a price comparison, which we have set out in the following article Click here to find out more. And we have seen that sometimes our prices are much more beneficial for you than if you were to go directly to the Adeslas dental clinic.