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Why get a dental implant in Marbella / Torremolinos?

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    • Implant + Abutment + Crow
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    Types of dental implants in Marbella

    There are different types of dental implants. These differences are usually based on the number of teeth to be replaced. On the one hand, there is the single tooth implant. This is implanted when a patient has lost a tooth. Other dental implants such as the All on 2 and All on 4 are usually used when the patient has lost more than two teeth. And finally our speciality, the All on 6 dental implant, where an entire fixed denture can be fitted. The result is very aesthetic and gives a natural look to our smile.

    Dental Implants in Marbella for In Promotion

    At Omega Dental Clinic Marbella we offer a complete implantology service for 930 € for the next few months. The treatment includes the installation of the implant and the abutment, as well as its crown. You should bear in mind that you will have to wait between 3 to 4 months for the implant to adapt correctly to the bone and gums and
    for it to heal properly. This type of implant that we offer in our dental clinic in Marbella is completely painless, you will feel a slight discomfort in the days following the operation. A simple painkiller will be enough to eliminate this discomfort. Our implants come from a German company that offers a premium quality in all its products.

    All on 6 Dental Implants in Marbella

    All on 6 implants are implants that are made to change the entire denture. All on 6 refers to the 6 dental implants that will be used to support the entire denture. This type of denture is completely fixed and is considered the best option for replacing all of the teeth on both the top and bottom. There are other methods such as All on 4 or All on 2. But these last two techniques do not ensure the fixation that an all on 6 dental implants can provide. In our dental clinic in Marbella of Ricardo Soriano, we prefer to consider the option of this type of surgery to our patients, as the results are excellent. Our implants come from a German company that provides a premium quality in all its products.

    Dental implants Marbella prices

    At the Omega Clinic in Marbella. We surround ourselves with the best professionals to offer you the best service for dental implants in the city. Do not hesitate to contact us to get all the necessary information about it. We know that losing a tooth affects
    our patients in different ways from their mental health, self-esteem issues, aesthetic reasons or the problems that missing a tooth can cause in the future. Everyone agrees that it is quite traumatic. But in our Omega Clinic located in Marbella, on Ricardo Soriano Avenue. We offer the best solution for each case. With years of experience behind us and more than one clinic that reaffirm our success we are able
    to treat and solve this type of situation with the best in dental implants.

    Other prices

    How much does a dental implant in Marbella cost?

    The price of a dental implant in Marbella will vary depending on the patient’s needs. One of the most expensive factors in dental implant treatment is bone loss. The price of a dental implant in Marbella without bone loss can vary between €300 and €1,500. At Clínica Omega we recommend our patients to be very responsible when choosing a dentist to carry out any dental treatment. Cutting costs on materials or simply the operation time can be very expensive for the patient. On the one hand, boneless dental implants require a quicker and simpler operation. It is important to get it right from the start to avoid major problems in the future.