Dental Implants prices in 2023

What will dental implants look like and how much will they cost in 2023? We find ourselves in a complicated economic situation resulting from unprecedented political tension between two major powers. While the war in Ukraine and the tension between the United States and Russia have caused uncertainty and a significant rise in prices due to inflation and the rise in energy and fuel prices. In the dental sector, no major price increases are expected due to materials. It will follow the trend of the global
economy. Basically due to energy costs, some premises could be affected and the price of an operation could rise due to the use of energy

Here are some dental implant prices in 2022 offered by the big brands in the health or dentistry sector to answer your question, whether you should get adental implant in 2023 or wait until 2024.

Dental implant pricein 2023:

Omega Dental Clinic930€

  • Vitaldent


  • Sanitas


  • DKV


implantes dentales precios 2022

Dental Implants Prices 2023 by different companies in
the dental sector

How much does a dental implant with DKV cost 1.443 €.

650 € Titanium implant:

216 € 216 € False titanium core build-up

252 € Prosthetic attachments

How much does a dental implant cost in Vitaldente 1.425 €

875 € for the implant and its placement 

550 € for the fitting of the crown

How much Sanitas charges for dental implants 1,585.50 €

494,50 € for Prosthetic attachments

691,50 € per osseointegrated implant

343,90 € per crown on implant

55,50 € per radiological splint

Different types of implants and prices:

For Dental Implants and Prices in 2023, many factors have to be taken into account when determining the price of a dental implant. The main factor is whether the patient has lost bone or simply lost the tooth.

If the bone needs to be regenerated, the price can vary from €300 to €1500. There are several ways to regenerate bone in the area where the implant is to be placed. The technique to be used will vary depending on the size and the affected area. The simplest way is withBIOSS which costs less than the other techniques used. And it
is the one that usually costs from 300 euros. If the case is more complicated, additional materials such as membranes should be used. And this is where prices will rise from 800 to 1500 euros.

Full mouth dental implants cost between €15,000 and €20,000. These are cases where the patient has few teeth left in the mouth and requires a complete denture replacement. By talking to the dentists you will get a price that is appropriate for your situation. If the dentist takes advantage of the operating time to work on the whole mouth. He or she will be willing to make a special offer.

At Omega Dental Clinic we are proud to be able to offer a complete All on 6 service for only 6500 euros. Using the best products and the best professionals. We are able to provide an exclusive and personalised service to each patient. We like to have control over the whole process and the postoperative period. The patient must have total confidence and be able to contact us for any questions.