It consists of implanting an artificial root, usually of titaneo, on which a crown or a prosthesis is placed in the hollow that has left a tooth that has been lost.
It is the fixed and most innovative option to replenish teeth for life.
Dr. Iriarte

Implantología Consiste en implantar una raíz artificial, normalmente de titaneo

Implants Málaga

Implantología Esta especialidad se dedica a la reposición o rehabilitación de piezas dentales. This specialty is dedicated to the replacement or rehabilitation of teeth. It is done by placing titanium fixations in the jaws as roots, which serve to support teeth or different types of prostheses (when all teeth have to be replaced).

Remember that in certain cases, it is possible to replace absent or non-viable dental pieces or complete dental arches within a few days or even on the same day of surgery, by means of immediate loading procedures.

Our extensive surgical experience allows us to regenerate atrophied oral tissues (bone or gum) using advanced techniques such as bone grafting or sinus elevation, in order to place implants in such cases.

Implant solutions can be different in terms of technique, number of implants inserted and type of materials.

Undoubtedly one of the most advanced techniques today to recover your smile. We always use the best materials and our treatments are always guaranteed.